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Blogs from my Mind and Life

This is my blog page. Yeah, yeah, I know, blogs are so ... early 2003. But what's cool about these blogs, aside from my biting sarcasm, keen intellect, and incisive wit, is the fact that this blogfest is driven by my very own, very cool, and very powerful Personal Information Manager which I call XiTouch. You can be XiTouch enabled in less than a minute - go ahead, click the link.

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The Eleven Really Good Suggestions
last updated... Wednesday 16th 2017f August 2017 03:21:03 PM edit 

1) You're not God.
2) Neither are things.
3) Don't use bad language.
4) Rest once a week.
5) Treat your parents well.
6) Don't kill people.
7) Save sex for marriage.
8) Don't steal things.
9) Don't tell mean lies.
10) Respect promises.
11) Be happy with what you have.

Cowboy Ten Commandments

posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Farlie, Texas :

(1) Just one God. (2) Honor yer Ma & Pa. (3) No telling tales or gossipin'. (4) Git yourself to church meeting. (5) Put nothin' before God. (6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal. (7) No killin'. (8) Watch yer mouth. (9) Don't take what ain't yers. (10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff.

The Above Average Person
last updated... Sunday 20th 2015f December 2015 03:38:15 PM edit 

The Above Average Person is loosely defined as:

1) A person who went to college and believes that grades do matter.

2) Does not spend more than they make because that would be irrational.

3) Saves for the future because they realize at some point they no longer are willing or able to work.

4) Largely depends on themselves, as opposed to mom and dad and the government.

5) Takes responsibility for their own actions when things go wrong and learns from the situation to make things better.

6) Has an open mind and is willing to look at the merits of both sides of an argument.

7) Welcomes constructive criticism (and is not overly sensitive) from friends, loved ones, and strangers in order to keep improving.

8) Has a healthy amount of self-esteem to be able to lead change and believe in themselves.

9) Understands the mental to physical connection in everything we do so that a healthy mind corresponds with a healthy body.

10) Enjoys empowering themselves through learning, whether it be through books, personal finance blogs, magazines, seminars, continuing education and so forth.

11) Has little-to-no student loan debt due to scholarships, part-time work, or parents.

My thanks to this article at Financial Samurai for this useful info for today's young people.

Cherokee Partial (sung to the tune of Cherokee Nation)
last updated... Friday 04th 2012f May 2012 10:13:15 AM edit 

She claimed she had Cherokee cheekbones
Put it on her applications
Took a slot from her pseudo-kin
The Academics let her in

She claimed it was for her social life But it now is just causing strife. She dropped the ruse when she made it big On asbestos and a Harvard gig

Cherokee partial Cherokee slice So proud she claimed But we know she lied

One thirty second part of her Was enough red blood to pretend she’s poor Her lack of ethics has her hung But still she’s able to teach our young.

‘Lizabeth Warren Liberal Lies You’ve been found out Still you rationalize.

And while her campaign is a wreck, Bay Staters look to re-elect re-elect re-elect re-elect re-elect

About Me
I am a physician, lifetime computer enthusiast, volunteer, father, born-again Christian, and philosopher. I read, think, do, and occasionally make money at it.
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