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Direct Citizen Financing (the 15% solution)

This site describes a simple, Constitutional, fair, sustainable, and apolitical solution to about 80% of the domestic problems facing America today.
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The Details
The guiding principles are
  • Free Choice
  • Limited Government
  • Social Justice
The solution would need to be phased in over 15 years, to prevent wild fluctuations in funding levels and to allow organizations time to adapt to the new reality.

Step 1
Eliminate the distinction between "non-profit" and "for profit" corporations. Why? | Details

Step 2
Spin off all government programs which are not absolutely essential to our national survival or core functions of government (eg. Head Start, Medical Assistance, National Parks, but not national defense, prisons, or interest on the national debt) as independent corporations. Details

Step 3
Modify the tax code as follows: Allow each citizen, AT THEIR OPTION, to take the tax burden that falls within the 15% tax bracket for them, add 15% of that amount to it (functionally making it a 17.25% tax bracket), and then direct that money (the tax payment plus the 15%) to the corporation (or corporations) of their choice (rather than the government), based on "I trust them, and they do good stuff". Details | Example
  • The influence of lobbyists and special interest groups would dissolve. Organizations that want money would need to make their case to the American people, not Congress.
  • Earmarks would become unnecessary.
  • What gets funded would accurately reflect the priorities of the American people.
  • Effective, trustworthy corporations would flourish. Wasteful, corrupt organizations would fail.
  • The size and reach of the federal government would lessen.
  • Citizens would feel more invested in the political process.
  • Increases the amount of money in the system (our cup will runneth over).

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