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We are a grassroots organization dedicated to defending America from the existential threat posed by those who live their lives based on a strict interpretation of the Koran and who have declared war on us on that basis. More . . .
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Rifqa Speaks
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Rifqa Bary is a 17 year old girl, originally from Sri Lanka. She was raised Muslim, yet found Christ at the age of 13. She hid her faith from her devout Muslim parents, but was finally outed by members of the Noor Islamic Center in Hilliard Ohio. Fearing she would become yet another victim of an Islamic honor killing, in her case for apostasy, she fled to Florida.

On August 24, 2009, she was interviewed by the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). The released audio of the interview is over 2 hours in length. Here are some parts of that interview, edited for clarity and length.

As you listen, ask yourself: Does this girl sound like a delinquent? A spoiled brat? A drama queen? A liar?

Or is she an intelligent young lady who presents a coherent and consistent story of abuse, Shariah Law, and the threat to her life?

  • A condensed version of the first hour of the FDLE interview, which tells pretty much the whole story in summary form.
    7.6MB, 15 minutes 46 seconds

  • Rifqa speaks about Islamic Apostasy Law.
    216K, 26 seconds

  • Rifqa explains how she told John and Wendy she was running for her life.
    364K, 44 seconds

  • Rifqa speaks about living with the Lorenz family in Orlando.
    936K, 1 minute 56 seconds

  • Rifqa makes it crystal clear what she is up against.
    1.2MB,2 minutes 33 seconds

  • Rifqa asks if she should have a lawyer.
    344K, 42 seconds

Pamela Gellar at www.atlasshrugs.com has been a true freedom fighter for Rifqa. Go there for much more of the story.

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