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The Mosquoutahere Gazette

Letter #1 (intro)
Letter #2 (Mohammed Bio)
Letter #3 (Shariah Law)
Letter #4 (Inseparability)
Letter #5 (Shariah tenets)
Letter #6 (Jihad)
Letter #7 (Koran)
Letter #8 (Ikhwan)
Letter #9 (Mosques)
Letter #10 (Summation)
Letter #11 (TBD)
Letter #12 (TBD)
Hello Coon Rapids City Leaders, This subsite has been prepared especially for you. You began receiving mailings in early November 2011 regarding the possibility of a Mosque coming to Coon Rapids. The letters are designed to educate you. They are being sent with discrete and finite amounts of information because, quite frankly, what you will read will fundamentally alter your world view. The letters were written by me and only me. No one has put words in my mouth. I am not a front or a puppet. I am an extremely informed private citizen who has absorbed information from numerous sources, including the work of Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Joy Brighton, David Yerushalmi, Stephen Collins Coughlin, Frank Gaffney and many others, as well as from original source research. I speak for numerous like minded people, but everything posted here is directly from my mind to yours.

Letter #1 to Coon Rapids (Intro)
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Coon Rapids MN 55433
November 2, 2011

David Brodie
Assistant City Attorney, Coon Rapids
11155 Robinson Drive
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Dear Mr. Brodie,

Within the next year or two, it is likely that a request will come before the Coon Rapids City Council to approve either the use of an existing facility for Islamic religious services, or to begin construction of a Mosque. Coon Rapids is, to my knowledge, the largest city in Minnesota without regular Islamic gatherings.

My purpose in writing today is to begin to equip you with the intellectual, moral, historical, Constitutional and public safety reasons why opposing such a proposal is the correct response.

I will demonstrate that opposition to a Mosque in Coon Rapids is neither racist, nor bigoted, ignorant, un-American, or irrational.

This information will be backed up with primary and secondary sources, reason, and empirical evidence. It will be relevant and profound.

All I ask is that you read with an open mind. I invite you to do your own research to confirm what I will say.

Over the next several months, I will be sending you a series of letters that will lay out the case for opposing a Mosque or Mosque equivalent in Coon Rapids. For a preview, please read The Bostrom Chronicles (http://tinyurl.com/bostrom), a series of letters I wrote to Gloria Bostrom, board member of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, which laid out the case for ending the Islamic mortgage program they approved in 2008 and ended in 2010.

If at any point you would like to meet face to face, feel free to contact me.


Jeffrey W Baumann
email address
phone number

---> Letter #2 (Mohammed Bio)

Letter #10 (Summation)
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Find this letter - and the others - at http://tinyurl.com/mosgazette

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Coon Rapids MN 55433
January 7, 2015

Paul Johnson
9756 Zilla St NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Dear outgoing Councilmember Johnson,

Based on the nine letters that I have sent over the past three years, you should now have a quiet appreciation for the nature and clarity of my concerns about a mosque in Coon Rapids.

To summarize, Islam is a societal/political system with a well developed and comprehensive system of law (Shariah) which is wholly incompatible with the Constitution and American legal traditions, and which is intended to supplant and replace our present systems of government and subject us all to its authority in perpetuity. Mosques are a core tool for achieving this goal. To the extent that we wish to preserve our cherished freedoms, Mosques must be blocked at every turn.

In addition, Islam has developed a robust network of organizations whose shared goal is making us increasing deferential to Islam and ultimately installing Shariah law everywhere (see letter #8).

Over the past few years there have been several publicized attempts to open mosques in various cities in our region. In Plymouth, a broad citizen opposition to a mosque was shut down without an opportunity to speak, orchestrated by the Planning Commission and Mayor. In Bloomington, the Al-Farooq Youth and Family Center has been an ongoing disturbance to the neighborhood. In St. Cloud, citizens successfully prevented a mosque from being built at the south end of the city. And in St. Anthony, the Federal Government launched an investigation into the city council's rejection of a mosque in 2012, filed a lawsuit against the city, and is forcing the city to accept a mosque despite citizen opposition and local zoning laws.

Nationwide there has been opposition to various mosques, most notably the so-called "ground zero mosque" in Manhattan.

In reviewing media coverage of these events, those who stand against mosques are routinely derided as Islamophobes, hateful, ignorant, bigoted, racist (Islam is not a race), and anti-immigrant. I cannot speak for every mosque opponent nationwide, but I would ask you, in all candor and sobriety, whether you believe any of those dismissive monikers apply to me and what I have been writing to you.

I am aware that a "mosque" of the Ahmadiyya tradition has begun operation at 11450 Robinson Drive in Coon Rapids (the former Realtor Association building). Last summer I wrote the following in response to the person who first brought this to my attention:
The Ahmadiyya are not Muslims, even though they consider themselves as such. The best analogy I can offer is that Mormons consider themselves Christians, even though many (most?) Christian denomination would disagree.

The Ahmadiyya believe there was another prophet (Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, British India, end of the 19th century) after Mohammed (this is heretical to Muslims). There are 2 divisions, and [this organization is part of] the one that is less accepted as Muslim by mainstream Muslims.

As evidence...

1) No Ahmadiyyas signed the Amman Message.


2) No Ahmadiyya are listed in "The Muslim 500," an annual publication listing the most influential Muslim leaders in the world.

http://themuslim500.com/2013-2/the-top-50 (OK, I haven't checked every one of the next 450, but...)

2a) The same publication explicitly states that the Ahmadiyya are not part of Traditional Islam.

3) The Pakistani Constitution explicitly excludes the Ahmadiyya from being considered as Muslims.

http://www.pakistani.org/pakistan/constitution/part4.ch2.html (scroll to #254 or search for the text

"who call themselves 'Ahmadis')]"

Note that this was a clear, deliberate decision, as it was enacted via the second amendment to their constitution.


Having said that, they appear to be peaceful, and no terrorist groups appear to claim roots in the Ahmadi tradition. For that reason, the radicals (AKA "serious Muslims") are more than happy to allow the Ahmadi to put a peaceful face on Islam (to fool the West), and the Ahmadiyya are more than willing to allow themselves to be used in this way as it makes it easier for them to claim affinity with other Muslims.

I believe that Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Shabaab, Abu Sayyaf, and Hizb ut-tahrir are more apt examples of true Islam.

In the last year there have been a number of events worldwide that have attracted media attention, including the kidnapping of Christian girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram and the rise of Islamic State between Baghdad and Damascus with abundant mayhem and slaughter, beheadings and sexual enslavement.

There have been other events less widely reported, or in which the Islamic component has been downplayed: the imposition of Shariah Law in Brunei, which now punishes Christians for displaying Christmas decorations; disruption of Christmas Day church services in Germany by Muslim teenagers; the Westgate Shopping Mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2013; multiple violent attacks on police in New York City by Islamists; and closer to home, the recognition that numerous young males are being recruited for Jihad and traveling to various hot spots to wage Jihad.

In addition, the January 1, 2014 explosion in the Riverside neighborhood is generally understood to have most likely been a bomb that detonated prematurely, being built in that Muslim community for some unspecified purpose.

Please consider these events in the context of what I have written. There are literally thousands more I could cite, in many dozens of cities and countries around the world, all with Islam - and mosques - at the center.

Jeffrey W Baumann
email address
phone number

---> Letter #11 (Citizens) (coming this March)









Letter #9 (Mosques)
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Find this letter - and the others - at http://tinyurl.com/mosgazette

address line 1
Coon Rapids MN 55433
September 6, 2013

David Brodie
City Attorney, Coon Rapids
11155 Robinson Drive
Coon Rapids MN 55433

Dear Mr. Brodie,

This is the ninth in a series of twelve letters that I am sending to provide the intellectual foundation for opposing a mosque in Coon Rapids. It has been a year since the last letter. During that time we have seen events unfold in Egypt, Libya (including Benghazi) and Syria; a bombing in Boston; the trial of Nidal Malik Hassan (the Fort Hood Shooter); the vicious daylight murder of British Soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, England; the destruction of many dozens of Christian churches in Egypt; our “allies” in Afghanistan turning on our soldiers and murdering them; and a host of other events that did not catch the attention of the mainstream media. Each of these events may be better understood when viewed through the lens I have been shaping in these letters, all of which may be accessed at

http://tinyurl.com/mosgazette (shortcut to save typing)
or http://blogs.linkedresources.com/blogview.php?tbl_name=act4mn&topic=Mosgazette

The topic of this letter is Mosques specifically. Previous letters dealt with Shariah Law, the Koran, and Jihad, among other subjects.

Mosques are the primary physical manifestation of Islam in society. A mosque is not an “Islamic Church,” and to consider it as such would be to arrogantly apply our western standards to a very different way of life.

Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, other faiths, and our Bill of Rights have shared our civic landscape in peace and comfort based on our basic belief that churches should not control the government nor should government control churches. This is sometimes referred to as separation of church and state. Islam, however, is the absolute fusion of mosque and state. For devout Muslims, and for Islam, there is no distinction between religious governance and political governance. It is not even a question of one controlling the other. In fully realized Islam, they are the same.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, senior jurist of the Muslim Brotherhood and head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, wrote the following in a 2006 fatwa:
In the life of the prophet there was no distinction between what the people call sacred and secular, or religion and politics: he had no place other than the mosque for politics and other related issues. That established a precedent for his religion. The mosque at the time of the prophet was his propagation center and the headquarters of the state.

For Muslims it is part of our religion: doctrine and worship constitute a system for the whole of life.

... It must be the role of the mosque to guide the public policy of a nation, raise awareness of critical issues, and reveal its enemies.

From ancient times the mosque has had a role in urging jihad for the sake of Allah, resisting the enemies of the religion . . . The mosque's role . . . in every Islamic jihad cannot be denied.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, read the following poem in 1998
The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...
And this from The Islamic State & the “Civil State” by the Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, first Edition 2011, page 8:
The Islamic State is not a “civil state” that separates religion from life, because it embraces Islam as the foundation of its existence and the basis of everything related to it.
The website http://www.onislam.net/english/ is generally considered fairly moderate. This is what is said regarding mosques:
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to gather his Companions in the mosque to discuss serious matters (like wars, treaties, famines, etc) and come up with decisions about them. The mosque was also the mustering place for the soldiers of the Islamic army, from which they started their march for wars [jihad] and to which they returned when they came back.
This is under the paragraph heading “A place for meetings and deliberation” along with other headings for socialization, celebration, medical care and education.

Finally, as a basic reminder of what Islam is, this is from Jihad in Islam by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, a leading Islamic theologian who died in 1979:
Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam [and to] to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and programme.
The inseparable connection between the mosque and the implementation of Islam as the ruling force in society is why I am so concerned about the possibility of a mosque coming to Coon Rapids, and why I believe, as public servants, you should be too.

Jeffrey W Baumann
email address
phone number

---> Letter #10 (Summation)

Fatwas are often called “religious opinions” or “religious rulings,” but as you can see, there is no distinction between religious and governance rulings in Islam. back

http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/erdogan-goes-to-prison.aspx?pageID=438&n=erdogan-goes-to-prison-1999-03-27 Consider - Erdogan went to prison in 1999 for reading this Islamist poem in secular Turkey. Who better than the Turks, the former Muslim Ottoman Empire, since modernized and westernized by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, to know what Islam is really all about, and to resist fiercely any tendency to draw them back into the fold of fully implemented Islam? Sadly, Turkey seems to be losing that battle now, and the Islamists are gaining the upper hand. back

Some helpful references: (all of these are hyperlinked from http://tinyurl.com/mosgazette)






Closing Thoughts

Hopefully in the process of studying this information and reviewing this site, you will understand the true nature and threat of Islam. Myths will be shattered, lies will be exposed, misunderstandings will be clarified.

Ask yourself, compared with the myriad other sources from which you may independently gather information, who makes the better case? Who has been more thorough, rational, or well sourced? Which point of view, when push comes to shove, are you prepared to stand by?

I trust you will find that I have made my case. Please, follow through now, and be an Ally.

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