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This is my blog page. Yeah, yeah, I know, blogs are so ... early 2003. But what's cool about these blogs, aside from my biting sarcasm, keen intellect, and incisive wit, is the fact that this blogfest is driven by my very own, very cool, and very powerful Personal Information Manager XiTouch. You can be XiTouch enabled in less than a minute - go ahead, click the link.

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Freedom Wins In Venezuela . . .
last updated... Tuesday, the 7th of July, 2009 at 02:46:57 PM | 1246996017 | 2009-07-07 14:46:57 | edit 

... or at least that's what this article from LIFE magazine from December 13, 1963 (page 4) stated (click to enlarge).

Read it first. Then stop for a moment to contemplate what has happened over the past 45 years.
  • Fidel is still in power
  • . . .. still meddling
  • Venezuela is no longer free
  • The O.A.S. voted unanimously to investigate Cuba
  • . . . but today condemns Honduras by the same margin
  • Che Guevara is a hero of the political left
  • Betancourt's warnings of a "communist bridgehead" threatening "the security of all the peoples of Latin America" proves to have been stunningly prescient.
  • Rather than the U.S. supporting freedom in Venezuela, the U.S. is working to defeat freedom in Honduras.

I fear for the future of our nation. I fear for our souls. Obama must be stopped in his love affair with tyranny, or we will have the enslavement of millions on our hands.


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I am a physician, lifetime computer enthusiast, volunteer, father, born-again Christian, and philosopher. I read, think, do, and occasionally make money at it.
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